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NO FEES!  Jessie-Jo is the one to know! Jessie Jo Lucas is the best source in Houston for Retirement Strategy!








 You are in or almost to retirement. Losing money in your portfolio is no longer an option!  How many of you got a call from your investment advisor or money manager congratulating you for only losing 7%, 15%, or whatever when the market was down 21% for the year.  Congratulations?  Seriously?  And you still got charged a management fee??


You should no longer be losing money in your investments once you are in the retirement window!  Our clients had ZERO losses and had no management fee for the money they have invested through us! Its not magic, its not a gimmick.  It is guarantee of todays no fee Annuity!  An Absolute MUST  for any retirement Portfolio! 


 Thousands of Greater Houstonians have attended and received invaluable financial tools at the DOZENS AND DOZENS of complimentary retirement educational seminars taught by Jessie-Jo  and Michael Lucas. When you think of a greater Houston or The Woodlands Retirement Advisor, think of Jessie Jo Lucas. 

Michael and Jessie-Jo sponsor educational seminars, events for retirees, and served Greater Houston in delivering Thanksgiving meals to Seniors, dozens of free educational Seminars for seniors, free Medicare and social security sign ups and consulting, and Michael serves as a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Committee Member

Jessie-Jo  Lucas Wealth & Retirement Strategies has been helping Houston with managing their retirement portfolios with standard and alternative investment strategies.  Many individuals don't understand how NO-FEE annuities can provide STRONG MARKET and still protect your entire portfolio from losing money with GUARANTEED NO LOSS in periods of stock market downturn  


Lucas Wealth and Retirement have provided Safe Secure Portfolio Growth through and Strategic tax strategy services within the Houston area since 2020. With our experience in the Retirement strategies and alternative investment field, no issue is too large or complex for us to manage. Come visit us and learn how easy Retirement can be when you let us take care of everything.

Michael Lucas Retirement Strategies, Annuity Expert
Jessie-Jo Lucas Retirement Houston Texas
About: Who We Are
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